Ill With Want (Audio Version)

The Convivial Society: Vol. 2, No. 13


I sent out an installment titled “Ill With Want” a couple of days ago, but was unable at the time to include the audio version. I know that many of you find the audio useful, so, now that I’ve been able to record it, I wanted to get that to you.

Nothing new here if you have already read the text version.

I will, however, take the opportunity to pass along a link to a podcast I recorded (not the one referenced in the essay) with Justin Murphy and Nina Power on the life and work of Ivan Illich. You can listen to it here. The occasion for the conversation was an upcoming 8-week course on Illich, which Power will be teaching in a couple of weeks. You can learn more about that course here. My thanks to both Justin and Nina for delightful conversation.

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