Haven't read it yet, but the title alone... Chef's kiss.

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the medium itself frames or even shapes what we perceive. This is my understanding of McLuhan: the medium is the message. Very interesting.

... but perhaps we might say that the age of the image has yielded to the age of the meme.

As an old person I can think of the image of the naked Vietnamese girl running during the Vietnam War. The image of the atomic bomb (which must have been used as a meme.) I feel it is a bit sad even emotive images, photos may not retain their same power.

Just a minor point: Isn't there something a bit conclusive and at times, a bit smug about a meme. how do you respond to an ironic meme?

the pseudo-event now manifests chiefly as the Discourse—ceaseless, self-referential, demoralizing, and ultimately untethered from the events themselves. this is interesting.

Also what is outside the Discourse but overlooked?

I have no scientific background but I do like the convivial society. Ilich does sound very interesting and I now have a book of conversations of his to read.

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That Postman quote at the beginning is chilling. I remember when Facebook and Twitter were still new. I never once imagined these arguably banal websites would change the entire world. But you're right: it's not the world + social media. Then I come back to articles like this (https://hedgehogreview.com/web-features/thr/posts/the-compatibility-trap) and remember: we do still have a choice to live and act otherwise. There may be compatibility issues, so to speak, but hasn't that always been the case, especially for Christians?

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